Cassatt and Family images

Cassatt photo 1
A portion of the image used on the cover of "End of the Line," a biography of Cassatt by Patricia Talbot Davis in 1978. It is the only biography of Alexander…
Cassatt photo 2
Origin and date unknown
Cassatt bronze statue 1
The beautiful bronze statue commissioned by the Pennsylvania Railroad and placed in Pennsylvania Station until it was unceremoniously dumped in a swamp in the…
Cassatt photo 3
Cassatt photo from "The World's Work" published in 1901
Cassatt portrait 1
Cassatt portrait by Mary Cassatt
Mrs Alexander (Lois) Cassatt
Mrs. Alexander (Lois) Cassatt, a portrait by Mary Cassatt. The two had no love for each other but Lois agreed to sit for this portrait.
Cassatt portrait 2
A portrait currently in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. From
Cassatt portrait 3
Cassatt portrait by Mary Cassatt
Cassatt inspecting PRR
Cassatt inspecting the railroad c.1900
Cassatt bronze statue 3
Haunting image of the Cassatt bronze statue in the original Pennsylvania Station
The Cassatt bronze statue in its place in the original Pennsylvania Station
The Cassatt bronze statue in its place in the original Pennsylvania Station
The inscription reads: ALEXANDER JOHNSTON CASSATT President Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1899 - 1906 Whose foresight, courage, and ability achieved the…
Alexander and Lois Cassat at Cheswold
A rare personal photo of Alexander and Lois Cassatt in their Cheswold summer home library, 1890. From
Cassatt photo 4
Cassatt portrait from Smithsonian
Cassatt with son Robert portrait
Portrait of Alexander Cassatt and his son Robert Kelso (1885) by Mary Cassatt (1844-1926).
Mary Cassatt self-portrait 1
Mary Cassatt self-portrait 1880. Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844-1926), sister of Alexander Johnston Cassatt, was an American impressionist painter who often…
Mary Cassatt self-portrait 2
Mary Cassatt self-portrait c.1878
Mrs. Robert S Cassatt (Alexander's mother)
Mrs. Robert S. Cassatt, Alexander Cassatt's mother. A portrait by Mary Cassatt. This painting was exhibited for the first of five successive years at the Paris…